Using Items from Odyssey

As you look through the objects in Odyssey, you may notice that most of them have a CC-BY license or other CC license. What does that mean? The Creative Commons Attribution license, or CC-BY license, is a type of Creative Commons license that gives others the permission to both share the work and adapt it, as long as credit is given to the original creator and any changes to the work are acknowledged. In the context of Odyssey, that means that you are free to add CC-BY items to your learning management system, embed them in your LibGuides, or share them with others. If you like an item and would like to adapt it for your own context, you can! Just send an email to telling us which object you’d like to use, and we’ll send you everything you’ll need to adapt the item, such as the original source file and script. You're welcome to use other items with different CC licenses; for more information on how to use content with various Creative Commons licenses, check out the Creative Commons website.