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What It Means to Be a Researcher | Introduction to Academic Research

Learn how to conceptualize your role as an investigator and recognize how context and information need influences your approach to research.

Using the Stases for Reflective Practice | Rhetorical Analysis Using the Stases

The stases are an ordered series of questions used to analyze sticking points in an argument or controversy. In this video, learn how to use the stases for reflective practice.

Three Digital Literacy Myths

Are digital natives automatically digitally literate? Is digital literacy just about technology? Is digital literacy a replacement for traditional literacy? Discover the truth behind these myths in this video.

Composing in Multiple Modes

How can different modes of communication be used to reach an audience more effectively? This video will help you find out.

How to Write Effective Peer Review Comments

What's the difference between higher-order and lower-order concerns in peer review, and how can I write effective peer review comments? Find out in this video.

What It Means to Be a Peer Reviewer

Is being a peer reviewer the same as grading my classmate's work? Am I supposed to proofread their paper? This video will cover the role of the peer reviewer.

Three Myths About Peer Review

Do good writers get it right the first time? Can my classmate really give me good feedback on my paper? In this video, we'll dispel common myths about peer review.

Transitioning a Poster from Google Slides to PowerPoint

Learn how to transition a poster designed in Google Slides to PowerPoint.

Exhibits and Special Collections at Newman Library

A brief overview of exhibits and Special Collections at Newman Library.

Study Spaces at Newman Library

A video overview of study spaces at Newman Library.

Studios and Labs at Newman Library

Learn about studios and labs available for free at Newman Library.

Places to Gather at Newman Library

A video overview of gathering spaces at Newman Library.

Places to Get Help at Newman Library

A video overview of places to get help at Newman Library.

How to Size a Poster in PowerPoint

Learn how to use PowerPoint to size a research poster.