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How to Find a Movie at Newman Library

Learn how to access film resources at the University Libraries.

Evaluating Sources

A handout to help students evaluate sources for inclusion in their work.

Your New York Times Academic Pass

Learn how to activate your New York Times academic pass through Virginia Tech.

Defining Research | Critical Concepts in Academic Research

Learn about the term "research" and the variety of ways in which we engage with research on a daily basis.

What It Means to Be a Researcher | Introduction to Academic Research

Learn how to conceptualize your role as an investigator and recognize how context and information need influences your approach to research.

Database Search Log

Use this search log to keep a record of your database searches. Keeping a record of searches helps improve your searches over time and reduces the stress of trying to remember what you searched from session to session.

Where to Look: How to Choose a Search Tool

Learn about various search tools available through the University Libraries at Virginia Tech and when you should consider using each one. Download the second file linked above to access a screenreader-friendly version.

Topics vs Research Questions

This video covers the difference between topics and research questions and how they may change over the course of a research project.