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Composing in Multiple Modes

How can different modes of communication be used to reach an audience more effectively? This video will help you find out.

How to Write Effective Peer Review Comments

What's the difference between higher-order and lower-order concerns in peer review, and how can I write effective peer review comments? Find out in this video.

What It Means to Be a Peer Reviewer

Is being a peer reviewer the same as grading my classmate's work? Am I supposed to proofread their paper? This video will cover the role of the peer reviewer.

Three Myths About Peer Review

Do good writers get it right the first time? Can my classmate really give me good feedback on my paper? In this video, we'll dispel common myths about peer review.

Digital Literacy Framework Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to help you put the digital literacy framework from the University Libraries at Virginia Tech into action. Use this toolkit to align your work with digital literacy learning outcomes, get inspired when revising or creating a workshop, curriculum, program, or other learning experience, and learn more about the digital literacy framework.

Create and Collaborate at Newman Library

Join therapy dogs Moose, Derek, and Wagner as they explore the studios at Newman Library and make their virtual reality dreams come true.

Sample Technologies for Communication

A handout describing different types of communication technologies.

Best Practices for Online Communication

A guide to best practices for online communication.