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Colliders in Unity | The Studios Series

Learn about how using colliders can help with the physics of your world and save computational resources.

Lighting in Unity | The Studios Series

Learn about ways of lighting a world in virtual reality, including directional lights and spotlights.

Locomotion in Unity | The Studios Series

Learn about setting up movements in virtual reality that create dynamic experiences for participants, but helps them avoid motion sickness.

Object Oriented Programming in Virtual Reality | The Studios Series

Learn more about the language and structure of how objects and worlds are created in virtual reality.

Physics in Unity | The Studios Series

Learn about adding physics to objects in your world so they act and move realistically.

Prefabs in Unity | The Studios Series

Learn about prefabs and how they can save time and energy in creating virtual worlds and objects.

Scripts in Unity | The Studios Series

Learn about scripts (C# code) in Unity.

Academic Jargon | Critical Concepts in Academic Research

Learn about about the pros and cons of jargon, including how it can help us understand and communicate complex ideas.

Applying the 5Ws

This video describes a tool - 6 question words - that can help you critically analyze artifacts like news articles, speeches, social media posts, TV shows, movies, and music.

Three Digital Literacy Myths

Are digital natives automatically digitally literate? Is digital literacy just about technology? Is digital literacy a replacement for traditional literacy? Discover the truth behind these myths in this video.

Screen Time Wellness Applications

This handout offers a comprehensive list of mobile and desktop applications ideal if you are seeking to manage your screen time in order to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing while engaging with digital platforms.

Composing in Multiple Modes

How can different modes of communication be used to reach an audience more effectively? This video will help you find out.

How to Write Effective Peer Review Comments

What's the difference between higher-order and lower-order concerns in peer review, and how can I write effective peer review comments? Find out in this video.

What It Means to Be a Peer Reviewer

Is being a peer reviewer the same as grading my classmate's work? Am I supposed to proofread their paper? This video will cover the role of the peer reviewer.

Three Myths About Peer Review

Do good writers get it right the first time? Can my classmate really give me good feedback on my paper? In this video, we'll dispel common myths about peer review.

Tinkercad Basics for 3D Printing and Design | The Studios Series

This workshop will introduce the fundamentals of 3D printing and design, including how 3D printing works, important terminology, and basic design principles. We will also walk through designing 3D models in the computer-aided design program, TinkerCad. Software recordings were captured in June 2019. This content is not sponsored by Autodesk.

Digital Literacy Framework Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to help you put the digital literacy framework from the University Libraries at Virginia Tech into action. Use this toolkit to align your work with digital literacy learning outcomes, get inspired when revising or creating a workshop, curriculum, program, or other learning experience, and learn more about the digital literacy framework.

Transitioning a Poster from Google Slides to PowerPoint

Learn how to transition a poster designed in Google Slides to PowerPoint.

APA Style Basics, 7th Edition

This handout is a brief guide to the basics of citing sources using the 7th edition of the APA style manual, released in October 2019.

Where to Look: How to Choose a Search Tool

Learn about various search tools available through the University Libraries at Virginia Tech and when you should consider using each one. Download the second file linked above to access a screenreader-friendly version.

Topics vs Research Questions

This video covers the difference between topics and research questions and how they may change over the course of a research project.

Create and Collaborate at Newman Library

Join therapy dogs Moose, Derek, and Wagner as they explore the studios at Newman Library and make their virtual reality dreams come true.

Planning for Virtual Reality: An Introductory Guide

This document is intended to help users who are interested in setting up a virtual reality service for a school, library, museum, or other space understand the resources needed and better plan for the challenges of running a VR service for the public. Planning pages and links to resources are included.

Connecting Google Scholar to VT Libraries

This video will walk you through the process of connecting Google Scholar to the University Libraries at Virginia Tech.

Examining APA Citations (7th edition)

An interactive tutorial that examines the elements of APA citations. Includes a brief quiz and resources for further exploration.