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What is Digital Literacy?

Learn about the term "digital literacy." Music: "This is My Jam" by Will Van De Crommert (Storyblocks) Illustrations adapted from Visual Generation.

How to Curate a Writing Portfolio | Curating a Writing Portfolio

Learn the basic practices of curating a writing portfolio: collecting, selecting, connecting, and reflecting.

Writing Portfolios for Self-Discovery and Self-Presentation | Curating a Writing Portfolio

Learn about crafting two different kinds of portfolios: learning portfolios and showcase portfolios.

Keeping Track of Portfolio Artifacts | Curating a Writing Portfolio

Learn file management strategies at the file, folder, and drive level.

Navigating the New Normal

Five Virginia Tech students share their experiences with digital life and online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Screen Time Wellness Applications

This handout offers a comprehensive list of mobile and desktop applications ideal if you are seeking to manage your screen time in order to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing while engaging with digital platforms.